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ODG Guideline Lowers Medical Disputes & Opioid Use

The Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation recently released a report showing that usage of ODG Guidelines lowered the number of medical disputes and the levels of N-drug opioid usage have dropped by 97% since 2007. Dr. J. Clark Race, Orthopedic Surgeon and Founder/ Executive Director of Expert Witness Doctors, has found the ODG to be very useful and reliable in rendering opinions in workers compensation cases and civil litigation and was pleased to have that usage validated by the report.

Evidence-Based Medicine Improves Outcomes

Why Evidence-Based Medicine?

Because it works!

Via Work Loss Data Institute

Although the benefits of using evidence-based medicine (EBM) are often touted due to dramatic improvement in outcomes in states that have adopted ODG, up until last year there had never been an academic study published in a peer-reviewed medical journal that examined whether or not EBM could deliver these results from a compliance standpoint on a closed claim file.