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COVID-19 Litigation Will Require Many Different Types Of Expert Witness

Pandemic-related Litigation

COVID-19 litigation will require the expertise of expert witnesses from many fields. EWD has well-qualified, experienced expert witness physicians located across the United States.

This article contains good early information about COVID-19 litigation, which will impact many different practice areas and require many different types of expert witnesses, including medical experts.

Standard Of Care Competency Questioned



Standard Of Care: Family practice expert witness competency to address standard of care for a cardiologist questioned.

A family practice doctor might have had some degree of familiarity with the standard of care for a cardiologist, but still be unable to testify to a reasonable degree of medical certainly as to how a cardiologist would have effectively treated the patient.

Liability For Medical Examiners

Court ruling imperils immunity for physicians in public service

Tanya Albert Henry, via AMA Wire

Darshan R. Phatak, MD, a Texas medical examiner, followed the standard of care in compiling an autopsy report for a woman who had died from a gunshot wound. He reviewed investigator reports, photos of the scene and toxicology reports.

Opioid Addiction Increases Likelihood of Death by 10 Times Among People Receiving Care in Doctor’s Offices or Hospitals

UCLA study’s findings indicate need to improve detection and treatment of opioid addiction in primary health settings

Source Newsroom: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Health Sciences

By Sarah C.P. Williams

Newswise — People who are addicted to opioids and receiving their medical care in a general health care setting were more than 10 times as likely to die during a four-year period than people without substance abuse problems,

Societal Benefits Of THA

This study again demonstrates the economic benefits to society of appropriate joint replacement surgery. Let’s hope that CMS recognizes this value and puts policies in place to fairly compensate orthopedic surgeons for this complex and labor intensive surgery. If not, the supply of qualified surgeons will diminish making this procedure less available to those who need it.