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COVID-19 litigation will require the expertise of expert witnesses from many fields. EWD has well-qualified, experienced expert witness physicians located across the United States.

Cornavirus And Expert Witnesses

The following excerpt is from a post on by Michael John Tario. It’s a timely read.

Infectious Disease Expert Witnesses Are Important For Coronavirus Lawsuits

Coronavirus is an infectious disease; it is a highly contagious virus sweeping the globe. This means that anyone who is exposed to the virus is at risk of contracting it. For some, the symptoms are relatively minor presenting as a bad cold with tightness in the chest but others require hospitalization and the use of ventilators to breathe. The death rate is estimated at 3.6 percent, with those 80 years and older or with chronic health issues by far the most affected.

Some people may already be wondering if they can sue because they or a loved one contracted the virus due to the negligence of another. If this is you, seek the help of a personal injury attorney with experience litigating infectious disease personal injury cases. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, cruise ships and nursing homes are all places where people may have contracted coronavirus. In order to build a case, medical expert witnesses will be called to provide analysis and testimony. An established personal injury lawyer will have a network of contacts in the medical industry who can be called as expert witnesses in a personal injury lawsuit.

What is a medical expert witness?

Medical expert witnesses are doctors, nurses, surgeons and other licensed health practitioners with extensive skills and experience in their medical field that qualifies them to testify about a particular medical situation. In personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuits, personal injury attorneys often call on medical expert witnesses during both the discovery and trial stages.

Why will infectious disease expert witnesses be important for coronavirus lawsuits?

An infectious disease expert witness is a key part of building a personal injury case involving an infectious disease such as COVID-19. Personal injury attorneys will work with infectious disease expert witnesses who are board certified and currently practicing in the United States.

Benefits of working with an infectious disease expert witness:
• Expertise in diagnosing and treating infectious diseases means the ability to perform initial case reviews, medical record reviews and medical analysis and testimony for the courts.
• The ability to order and analyze diagnostic tests such as imaging scans and biopsies that can pinpoint the cause of the ailment.
• The ability to help litigators, general counsels, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies understand the cause of the infectious disease during arbitration and trial.

What makes an effective infectious disease expert witness?

The best qualified infectious disease expert witnesses:
• Have written articles for peer review on infectious disease in prominent medical and scientific journals.
• Have earned degrees from top universities.
• Are actively practicing and are board certified.
• Have experience in the medical legal field, including effective written and oral testimony.
• Have the ability to break down complex topics into simple terms that non-medical experts can understand.