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COVID Expert Witnesses

EWD has multiple COVID expert witnesses. Our consultants include experts in neurology, neurological critical care, infectious diseases, and hospital intensivists experienced with inpatient COVID care.

COVID-19 Litigation Will Require Many Different Types Of Expert Witness

Pandemic-related Litigation

COVID-19 litigation will require the expertise of expert witnesses from many fields. EWD has well-qualified, experienced expert witness physicians located across the United States.

This article contains good early information about COVID-19 litigation, which will impact many different practice areas and require many different types of expert witnesses, including medical experts.

Hire A Medical Expert Witness?

When Does A Case Need A Medical Expert Witness?

The following article written by Vernice Nikolaus for the Chicago Evening Post is a great explainer regarding when a medical expert witness should be hired.

Expert Witness Doctors has medical expert witnesses in a multitude of specialties. Learn more about us or contact us today for more information.

COVID-19: Reducing The Spread

Masks & Testing Reduce Asymptomatic Spread Of COVID-19

This article has useful scientific information regarding the facts of how the COVID-19 virus is spread. Following guidelines based on scientific information will help to minimize the damage to our society.

Cornavirus And Expert Witnesses

The following excerpt is from a post on by Michael John Tario. It’s a timely read.

Infectious Disease Expert Witnesses Are Important For Coronavirus Lawsuits

Coronavirus is an infectious disease; it is a highly contagious virus sweeping the globe. This means that anyone who is exposed to the virus is at risk of contracting it.

Low Back Pain: 10 Facts, 10 Myths

For those of us who deal with back injuries in the medical and legal arena, this list of myths and truths about back pain is informative and to some extent counter-intuitive.

ODG & Big Data

ODG & The Role Of Big Data In Treatment Guidelines

Our founder and Medical Director, Dr. J. Clark Race, found this article by ODG by MCG Managing Director, Phil LeFevre, entitled, “The Role of Big-Data in State Adopted Treatment Guidelines,” very interesting and informative.

ODG: A Valuable Resource

Over Dr.

ODG Guideline Lowers Medical Disputes & Opioid Use

The Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation recently released a report showing that usage of ODG Guidelines lowered the number of medical disputes and the levels of N-drug opioid usage have dropped by 97% since 2007. Dr. J. Clark Race, Orthopedic Surgeon and Founder/ Executive Director of Expert Witness Doctors, has found the ODG to be very useful and reliable in rendering opinions in workers compensation cases and civil litigation and was pleased to have that usage validated by the report.

Expert Witness Report Requirements

Via Texas Medical Association

By Joey Berlin Texas Medicine October 2019

Expert Witness Standards

Expert Witness Report Standards Established In 2003

Before Texas’ landmark liability reforms passed in 2003, gray areas in the law often led to serious green for people who sued physicians.

Hip Fracture Treatment In Elderly

A new study in the Journal of Orthopedic Trauma finds lowered mortality in elderly patients undergoing operative treatment for hip fractures versus those treated non operatively.

The objective of the study was to compare the mortality data and life expectancy of geriatric hip patients who underwent nonoperative management versus those or received operative care.