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ODG & Big Data

ODG & The Role Of Big Data In Treatment Guidelines

Our founder and Medical Director, Dr. J. Clark Race, found this article by ODG by MCG Managing Director, Phil LeFevre, entitled, “The Role of Big-Data in State Adopted Treatment Guidelines,” very interesting and informative.

ODG: A Valuable Resource

Over Dr. Race’s 30+ years of expert witness experience, he has found the ODG guidelines useful for determining necessary and appropriate treatment. From Dr. Race:

I have found the Guidelines to be extremely helpful in determining necessary and appropriate treatment. The Guidelines contain evidence-based medical recommendations for treatment based upon review of pertinent medical literature regarding multiple conditions. The Guidelines are updated frequently to incorporate new medical knowledge as it becomes available. The main advantage of using the Guidelines, in my experience, is the fact that they are based upon scientifically valid studies regarding diagnosis and treatment of multiple medical and orthopedic conditions. In my opinion, the Guidelines recommend reasonable treatment, which can be amended or modified depending on the circumstances. However, it does set a baseline of treatment, which is extremely helpful to help injured workers receive appropriate and necessary medical care.

You can read more about the ODG in this recent post.