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The Expert Witness Toolkit

The Expert Witness Toolkit

The Expert Witness Toolkit

The Expert Witness Toolkit: Eight Fundamentals for Growth & Maintenance of Your Consultancy

Whether in sports or the corporation, professionals benefit from the expertise of a coach.

EWD has the expertise and resources you need to grow your expert witness consultancy.

Our Expertise

The Expert Witness Toolkit (EWT) has been developed to assist all expert witnesses in the building, growth, and maintenance of an expert witness consultancy. Your expertise is one thing; building an expert consultancy is quite another. Let our team’s decades of experience assist you in all phases of developing, growing, and maintaining your expert consultancy.

EWD/HYALECO Brands, a professional consortium, represents over 75 years of experience in the medico-legal industry. It is our hope that the insights herein will be of help to all expert witnesses, regardless of field or area of expertise.

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What's In The Toolkit?

The Expert Witness Toolkit consists of The Eight Fundamentals necessary to grow your expert witness practice.

  1. Know Your Expert Strengths
  2. Know Your Target Business
  3. Promote Your Expertise
  4. Engage the Expert Business
  5. Consultancy Efficiency
  6. Billing Practices
  7. Build Your Consultancy
  8. Cross Examination Insights

Our roadmap is highlighted in the table of contents. Click below to download.

The Expert Witness Toolkit Excerpts

A few examples of the insights contained in The Expert Witness Toolkit.

Many people think that being an expert witness requires lofty education, degrees, titles, and professorial appointments. While that may be true of some experts, it is not true of all. There are successful expert witnesses from all walks of life – the trades, as well as the professions. 

The expert witness needs proven expertise and a passion for teaching the trier of fact in a way that “connects” with the truth.

Hone your writing and speaking skills. Litigation lawyers are expert at communication. You should be also.

Learn your communication style and practice often. Be mindful of minimizing the lazy phrase – um, ah, etc. Try and speak distinctly and comfortably slow to ensure that your words are being clearly articulated.

The Expert Witness Toolkit is available for download now, for an introductory price of $100.